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Letter to the Editor: Mary Mueller

Township resident addresses concerns regarding mail-in voting ballots.

To the Editor,

I have been receiving mail-in voting ballots for about five years. I decided to stop because I never knew exactly what day or even what time of day it might arrive.

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Our mailboxes are on the street. It is accessible to anyone walking by. Someone could take my ballot, vote, and send it back. I would not be aware of this happening. Eventually I would realize that I had not received a ballot. I might not be able to prove that this had happened.

I also live three houses away from the Sober Living House at 504 Bartram Road. The information on a website says that they can walk around until 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and Friday and Saturday until 12 p.m. The website said they have activities in the morning and have some free time in the afternoons and evenings. I hope to alert neighbors about this change in the community. This is something that people need to know.

Mary Mueller

Moorestown, N.J.


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