Deptford to ‘Paint the Town Pink’

The color will promote breast cancer awareness and education this month

Deptford Township Council met for a monthly session on Oct. 4 that began with a message from the mayor.

“Municipal services become very visible this month,” Mayor Paul Medany wrote in his monthly message for October. “Leaf collection is one of our most challenging and busiest times of year. Look in the upcoming newsletter or on the website for your neighborhood’s schedule.”

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In new business, council approved to exempt and refund a “totally disabled veteran” from payment of real estate taxes. It also approved refunding the overpayment of taxes pursuant to a  New Jersey tax court appeal.

Council agreed to support October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a “Paint the Town Pink” initiative. The town will emphasize breast cancer efforts and education by sporting the color pink that adorns a familiar ribbon.

Mayor and council also concluded new business by authorizing execution of an agreement for a disposal facility with Omni Recycling in Pitman. Deptford’s zoning board met on Oct. 5 and the planning board the  day after. 

The next council meeting on Wednesday will include the library board; start time is 5:30 p.m at the township library. The municipal utilities authority will meet on Tuesday, Oct. 19, at 5:30 p.m. in its building.

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