Local electric vehicle owners take part in National Drive Electric Week

NDEW, a coast-to-coast celebration of electric vehicles, ran from Sept. 25 through Oct. 3 and included more than 180 online and safe in-person events.

Release courtesy of TriCounty Sustainability:

On Oct. 2, dozens of electric vehicle drivers and enthusiasts gathered at the Deptford Mall to highlight the climate, clean-air benefits and cost savings of electric vehicles. The event was part of the 11th annual National Drive Electric Week.

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The eleventh annual National Drive Electric Week (NDEW), a coast-to-coast celebration of electric vehicles (EVs), ran from Sept. 25 through Oct. 3 and included more than 180 online and safe in-person events.

Each year, it’s becoming increasingly clear that EVs are here to stay and represent the future of clean, pollution-free driving. A recent survey by Consumer Reports and the Union of Concerned Scientists shows that over 60% of prospective car buyers in the U.S. are interested in electric vehicles; public interest, across geography and income level, is growing.

TriCounty Sustainability (TCS) and partners at the Deptford Mall organized the event to celebrate NDEW locally. Participants gathered next to the Tesla Superchargers and the newly installed Electrify America Charging Stations in the Mall parking lot. Sixteen models of electric cars were on display, and owners showed their cars and answered any questions visitors may have had about cost, ownership and maintenance, and driving experience. 

Information was also available about N.J. incentives for electric cars and charging equipment, including residential chargers, and even how EVs can be incorporated into municipal fleets.

This event was one of more than 180 across the nation (and around the world) where electric vehicle owners and their communities, held online webinars, electric car parades, “tailpipe-free” tailgate parties, recognition of leaders promoting EVs, launches of new public EV charging stations and other public events.

For a complete list of National Drive Electric events, visit DriveElectricWeek.org

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