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Letter to the Editor: Mary Mueller

Township resident recommends learning sessions to utilize community resources.

To the Editor,

Moorestown township governing officials should develop sessions where citizens may learn how to get involved in what is happening. Navigating the website is complex and can be discouraging. If a person wants to know about certain issues under consideration, it is hard to know what department or committee is the place to start looking for information.  

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The library has been helpful and reference librarians can suggest where to look, but it would be good if the government officials teamed up with the library. They could present one session of what the website offers for keeping citizens aware of what is happening and under consideration. The township could be more vigilant with putting information on the library bulletin board near the copy machine. In my opinion, this has been sporadic. Sometimes there are a few things, but they are not utilized enough. 

It isn’t enough to assume that people will think of using a website. We must be tutored to make it a habit to utilize resources.

There is a protocol to follow. Someone said something we liked at a meeting. The group of about 50 people watching the meeting clapped. We were told that we were not to do that. I talked to the township manager, and he said that meetings are like being in court. I informed him that I have never been in court, and I also did not know this was to be considered like court. The closest thing I compare it with is church and people have always struggled with clapping or not clapping for a solo. We now tend to clap in church.  In my defense, I am in church more than court.  

Mary Mueller

Moorestown, N.J.


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