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Letter to the Editor: James Camilli

Older township resident attempts to bring safety issues to light on senior bus service.

To the Editor,

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Recently, Cherry HIll Township’s senior/handicapped free bus service resumed operations after a long absence. That’s the good news. The bad news is, it still has flaws.

Last Wednesday (Sept. 1), I took the bus to ShopRite to buy some groceries. Also on the bus was another passenger, a regular like myself. Unfortunately, in clear violation of bus policy, he was not wearing a facemask during the entire trip. Also, I noticed not just on this day but every day, that all the bus windows were shut tight. 

Both of these things are bad from a COVID protection point of view. Even on hot days with the air conditioner running, at least some windows should be cracked open to allow for fresh air. And the driver should know better than to allow a passenger — even if he is a friend — to ride unmasked.

Hopefully, this situation will be corrected and proper safety protocols observed in the future.

James Camilli

Cherry Hill, N.J.


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