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Local kids can learn about saving money at Farmers Market

Local institutions donate coin banks to help stem the national corn shortage and help kids learn about saving money

Haddonfield residents can bring their children to the Farmers Market this coming Saturday starting at 8:30 a.m. for their first, free lesson in saving money.

Look for the “THIS LITTLE PIGGY BANK” table along Kings Court.

Fifty local kids will each get four new piggy banks to help start their savings program, manage money, and help with the national coin shortage. Haddonfield Educational Trust president Adam Puff, owner of Haddonfield Financial Planning, partnered with local branches of PNC Bank, Republic Bank, and TD Bank on this giveaway.

Each Piggy Bank will be labeled with its intended use: Haddonfield Financial Planning’s white and green piggy bank for investing, PNC Bank’s translucent blue piggy bank for donations, TD Bank’s green Penny Arcade style coin bank for spending and Republic Bank’s giant “R” coin bank for daving.

Families can sign up and reserve their “This Little Piggy” set by visiting Haddonfield Financial Planning: https://www.hfponline.com/piggybankproject.

The pandemic has taken many coins out of circulation as people have reduced their use of cash, stayed home, and replaced in-person banking with online banking. Many businesses can’t provide change to their cash-paying customers now. Having kids collect coins in their homes and then exchange them at their local bank helps coins get back into circulation.

Kids need to learn about saving money in order to be stable/successful later in life. This effort gives them hands-on experience with saving and spending. It’s also a great practical math exercise, especially for young children.

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