Jordan’s Way fundraiser helps raise more than $8,000 for Burlington County Animal Shelter

Jordan's Way helped raise more than $8,000 for animals in need


Burlington County Commissioner Deputy Director Dan O’Connell prepares to toss a pie at Shelter Manager Ericka Haines during a livestream fundraiser hosted by Kris Rotonda of Jordan’s Way.

WESTAMPTON – Kris Rotonda will do most anything to help shelter animals and those who care for them. The staff and volunteers at the Burlington County Animal Shelter can now say the same.

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During a four-hour livestream, the volunteers and shelter staff endured whipped cream pies to the face, danced in dog costumes and performed physical challenges, all to solicit donations for shelter equipment and to promote the adoption of shelter animals.

It’s all in a day’s work for Rotonda, a New Jersey native who founded Jordan’s Way, a nonprofit dedicated to raising money and awareness about animal rescues and shelters across America. Burlington County was the latest stop on Rotonda’s 50-State Tour and it was a memorable one: his four-hour livestream visit raised over $8,000 for the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter.

That puts the group more than halfway towards their goal of raising $15,000 for the purchase of a shelter display vehicle to allow shelter staff to easily take animals available for adoption on the road to community events. It’s a proven strategy to find them forever homes.

The visit came at an opportune time for the shelter, which is now operating at max capacity, and Rotonda made a point of showcasing many of the dogs and cats available for adoption from the shelter.

In between those spotlights, were an assortment of whipped cream pie fights and other stunts designed to solicit donations.

Burlington County Commissioner Deputy Director got in on the fun by tossing a pie in the face of Animal Shelter Manager Ericka Haines. Burlington County Sheriff Anthony Basantis and several Sheriff officers also did push-ups for donations.

“It was a lot of fun for a great cause,” said O’Connell, who is the Commissioner’s liaison to the animal Shelter. “The animals under the care of the shelter staff and volunteers receive extraordinary amounts of love and attention there, but it’s our fondest wish and goal to see it empty with all its residents in permanent, loving forever homes. Kris shares that same goal and has made it his mission to help shelters like ours achieve it. We can’t thank him enough for selecting our shelter to visit. We also appreciate all those who made donations during today’s event, as well as the volunteers and staff who participated.”

Video of those and other gags and stunts from Rotonda’s visit are posted on the Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter Facebook page at . Donations are still being accepted.

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