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How a real-life superhero inspired new kids’ book about animal advocacy

The late veterinary tech Kaitlyn O’Hara is celebrated in ‘Cat Whisperer’

‘The Cat Whisperer’ was inspired by late veterinary tech Kaitlyn O’Hara and is meant to spread the message of kindness to future generations of animal advocates.

Tabernacle Township author Danielle Lacy has collaborated with veterinarian Dr. Dana Koch and illustrator Phillip Barnes to create a child friendly book about a real veterinary tech and cat whisperer, the late Kaitlyn O’ Hara. 

“The Cat Whisperer” follows the adventures of O’Hara and her chihuahua Chloe as they embark on a journey to rescue a trapped family of cats. The book portrays O’Hara, who died in a Feb. 3 car accident, ironically, while trying to rescue a stray cat from the road, as a superhero. According to those who were around her, she was.

O’Hara was an anesthesiology nurse at the University of Pennsylvania’s Ryan Veterinary Hospital and was 27 at the time of her death. Koch, a personal friend of O’Hara’s, recently recalled the latter’s impact and she hopes young readers will feel the same. 

“The way she lived her life full of passion, a conviction in what she valued most, and drive to overcome obstacles, inspired me to become a better person.” Koch said, “I want readers to know she was a superhero to those lucky enough to know her and to each animal she cared for.”

Alongside with cartoon-like illustrations, the book is an educational and informative attempt to educate youngsters about animal advocacy. Lacy expressed how she believes the text will live on in people’s hearts.

“To be able to take this book and make it educational based, having Dr. Dana stand by the side for the educational components of this book, (and) to be teaching about if you found a cat what would you do, I think that it’s really important, especially nowadays, that they know when you see an animal and the animal needs help, step in,” Lacy explained.

“I think this book really shows that straightforward.” 

In addition to inspiring a new generation of animal advocates, Barnes expressed how the book shines a light on community and will hopefully bring people together. 

“This is a fun, important, inspirational and educational story, but put simply, ‘Cat Whisperer’ highlights the unique way in which rescues promote the human-animal bond by bringing people and pets together,” he noted

With every sale of the book, 100 percent will be donated to animal rescues, charities and missions. Supporting charities so far are Randall’s Rescue, Vet-i-Care, Caribbean Spray andNeuter, Boo-Tiki and Wandering Whiskers. 

To join the cause as a charity, please contact Lacy at DanielleSLacy@outlook.com. For more information on how to purchase “The Cat Whisperer,” visit DanielleLacy.com

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