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First Presbyterian to ring bells in honor of 9/11

Solemn memorial will commemorate times when planes struck in New York, Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia.

In keeping with tradition, First Presbyterian Church Haddonfield will be ringing the tower bells again this year in memory of those who died in the 9/11 attacks.

COVID restrictions will change some of the logistics.

One person will be in the bell tower to ring the large bell at the times when the  planes hit the towers, and when the planes crashed in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon.

Following the first ring, volunteers on the front lawn of the church will begin to read the names of the fallen, and other volunteers will ring one or more large handbells.

The community at large is invited to participate and sign up. All ages welcome. For more information, please contact: Margot Dark by phone at: (609) 238-0694 and via email: margotdark@msn.com
or Betsy Westermaier via email at: beewolf@me.com.

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