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Letter to the Editor: Glenn Albert

Fact checking last week's “Experts urge back-to-school vaccinations" article

Dear Editor,

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I am not a doctor, but I am intelligent enough to research and find the truth about vaccines. It would be professional for doctors to do the same rather than making statements containing hypocritical contradictions. Dr. Khelil contradicts herself about the Delta variant in the article – first saying “It’s really like a different virus”, then saying later “vaccinated people are highly protected from getting sick, and almost entirely protected from being hospitalized or dying from COVID-19, including the Delta variant.”

The Encyclopedia Britannica (250 years of proven science) says the following about vaccines: “Pandemics occur with new viruses because we have no past immunological protection. Vaccines are only successful when used against viruses that do not mutate. Mutated viruses have the capacity to resist inactivation by antibodies acquired by previous infection OR vaccination. The antibodies you produced to protect yourself from the original virus are worthless against the mutated virus.” The Polio virus does not mutate. The Polio vaccine works and is given to young children (2 Months to 4 years old).

We are now told that today’s COVID-19 virus has a Delta Variant (mutation). This statement, if true, makes the COVID-19 “vaccine” not a vaccine at all but just another flu shot that will not work against the Delta variant. In fact, the FDA had not approved the 3 COVID-19 “experimental vaccines” as of the end of July 2021. They only issued “Emergency use Authorizations” for them, but not for children under 12!

I feel sorry for those who have taken what they thought was a vaccine. There is a man named Christopher Langan who has an IQ of 210. He was once called the “world’s smartest man” by the media. He is urging resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Glenn Albert

Voorhees, NJ



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