Letter to the Editor: Neal Rochford

Borough native and longtime public servant, who served as Haddonfield's last mayor, expresses thanks to outgoing solicitor.

To the Editor,

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A recent announcement went out on the retirement of Mario Iavicoli after 40 years of service as Haddonfield’s solicitor.  I hope the announcement does not go unnoticed. 

Having worked with Mario a part of those 40 years, I have to congratulate him on a job well done and for his years of selfless service to the borough. It is a remarkable tenure to have worked with so many different commissioner combinations over his career.  His advice and wise counsel to the commissioners over the years have benefited Haddonfield immensely. 

Mario, on many occasions, defended Haddonfield’s interest with zeal and tenacity. 

He was remarkable with taking complex subjects and explaining to the public why the borough was acting on an ordinance or policy. 

I reached out many times for his advice and counsel on many issues so that I could make the best decisions possible for the benefit of Haddonfield. 

I would like to thank Mario for his long service to Haddonfield and to wish him well. He will be missed by me and the borough family. 

Neal Rochford

Former Mayor for the Borough of Haddonfield

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