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Committee discusses traffic concerns within Shamong Township

Residents focus their comments on troubled intersection



Shamong Municipal Building
Town hall
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The Shamong Township Committee held its first meeting of the month on Aug. 3 and spent a significant amount of time listening to residents complain about traffic patterns in  the municipality.

Residents were focused on the intersection at the crossing of Willow Grove and Stokes roads. One of them was Heidi Rostrom, who told the committee that she can hear multiple car accidents from her home not far from the intersection.

“That intersection is incredibly dangerous,” she said. “I’ve been here 20 years, and I can’t tell you how many times I go out there and there’s serious car accidents when I’m on my property. Something needs to be done to improve the safety of that intersection.”

The committee said it has already looked into the situation. Meanwhile, John Delcollo of Shamong also expressed concern at the meeting about the intersection and asked if  there was anything the taxpayers of Shamong could do to change the situation.

“Out of all the intersections in Shamong, that road to get to a traffic circle makes absolutely no sense to myself and everybody else that we communicate with and talk with and our circle of friends in the neighborhood.” he said “So hopefully there’s a good reason to spend taxpayers’ money, because none of us see it and we travel both of those roads through that intersection all of the time.”

Later in the session, a presentation was given by William Sheaffer of the  Burlington County Engineer’s Office and Beth-Ann Grosso, an engineer at Pennoni, a nationwide consulting engineering firm. They explained the potential for a roundabout at the troubled intersection, a proposal now in the concept and development phase.

The committee also announced completion of the Dingletown Fields Pickleball courts and discussed proposed rain gardens/bioretention systems in the area.

The next committee meeting will take place on Aug. 17, in person and accessible on Zoom. For more information about upcoming meetings, ordinances and events, visit


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