Local support group helps moms from all walks of life

The club plans activities that include winter play dates, summer park visits

When her 13-year-old son was just 3 months old, Marissa Josephick learned about Moms Club of Mantua — then known as Moms Club of Mullica Hill — through her  church. The two groups later split.

“When it started, it was really just for stay-at-home moms,” said Josephick, the Mantua club’s most senior member. 

She noted that out of the 30 women in the current group, some are still stay-at-home moms, but the club now has some women who work overnight and spend the days with their children.

“Mantua Moms is a support group for moms whether they work or not, and it allows moms to vent with other moms what they are going through, whether it’s frustrations with their kids or husbands, or life in general,” Josephick explained. 

The club plans activities that include winter play dates, summer park visits, and a toddler outing group. There is also a monthly mom’s-night-out. 

Once her oldest son started school full time, Josephick prepared herself to leave the group, then became pregnant again. 

“Now I have a 7-year-old, and even though he goes to school full time, I still remain a part of the group because it’s a nice network to be a part of,” she noted. “It is a great community of people to have around you.”

During COVID, the Mantua Club stayed indoors just like everyone else, with some members meeting through Zoom. 

“It’s the socialization for children, and it’s the joining of a chapter in your area,”  Josephick said. “The hope is that you meet other moms that you live close to, and that your children will meet other kids that they will eventually be going to school with.”

To find out more about the Moms Club of Mantua, visit the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MomsClubMantua