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Ten-year-old finds his own rhythm

Wesley Cummings is eager to make his mark as a DJ.

At 10 years old, Wesley Cummings wants to make his way as a DJ, and he’s convinced his passion for music was genetically predetermined. 

“I guess I was born with a record in my hand; I was always in and around music,” he said. 

Wesley’s mom Sheila Cummings might say the same. She said the boy’s father was always a musical techie, with a huge record collection. On her side of the family, Sheila’s clan are all singers; she herself used to sing in a four-part quartet with her mom, dad and sisters. 

“He’s grown up with music, and he has an innate sense [for] electrical things,” Sheila said of her son.

Wesley’s fascination with being a DJ was the result of an advertisement. One day, he was playing a game when an ad popped up for a DJ app called edjing. The app cost $50, so if he wanted to download it, he was going to have to earn it. His mother had him clean the house in exchange, and Cummings was off to the races.

The app taught Wesley to scratch records, mix songs and perform all facets of DJ work. He connected his phone to some speakers and a microphone he found in the house, loaded up his equipment in the car and brought his DJ skills to his mother’s softball game. 

The rising fifth grader at Brete Harte Elementary School said being a DJ is a natural extension of his interests. He’s always been precocious, tinkering with electronics and dreaming up inventions. In his free time, he installed a working outdoor outlet in his tree house. 

While he has the means to begin a DJ career, Wesley is eager to start performing and  save money to expand his equipment. His music selection is clean: no curse words and only upbeat songs.

“It just makes me happy. I just love it,” he gushed. “If it weren’t for music, my whole life would just be boredom.” 

When Wesley told his mother he wanted to make his DJ career official and perform at local events, she was immediately supportive, though she insisted on accompanying  him for safety’s sake, and she’ll only book him for kid-friendly gatherings.

Sheila took to Facebook to advertise for DJ Wes. Since her post, neighbors have reached out and are eager to host a block party where Wesley can do his thing. 

Wesley goal is simple: He wants to make people happy and make them dance. And making some money to buy equipment wouldn’t hurt either. 

“I definitely really, really do want to show the world what I can do,” he said.

To get in contact with Sheila about booking DJ Wes, call (484) 620-1877. 

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