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Mayor Paul Medany’s June message

Mayor Medany comments on the 2021 Municipal budget


The following comes from Mayor Paul Medany.

On behalf of the Township Council, we are going to highlight some information on our 2021 Local Municipal Budget.

An outstanding effort by the Finance Committee Councilman Ken Barnshaw and Bill Lamb, the Council as a whole, Administration, Township Manager,  the CFO, the Township Clerk, and all our Department Heads, who watch every tax dollar.

Deptford Township is happy to announce a ZERO increase in the Local Municipal tax levy, the Fire District has also introduced another zero tax increase in their budget. Keep in mind that as a part of the overall tax bill you receive, there will be an increase in the County Tax Levy and School District Tax Levy.

For the tenth consecutive year our general operating expenses are far below the appropriation CAP, this year we are $901,000.00 below the CAP. This budget funds all municipal operations and again includes improvement to services provided to our residents and businesses.

It also considers potential increases in utilities, such as gasoline and material costs, which we are all experiencing tremendous rising costs.

We are staying true to our ten-year revolving capital planning which provides for the best local road program in South Jersey, it provides for the great improvements to our playgrounds and parks; we are under construction for new parking lots and probably the finest Pickleball courts in the region.

We have maintained our outstanding AA bond rating – one of the best in the state.

Our allowable debt ceiling is $102,000,000.00. We currently have $21,000,000.00 authorized which is only approximately 20 percent of the limit. That is fiscal responsibility.

Our audits come back every year with no issues; our Best Practice rating is excellent.

This budget provides essential relief to homeowners and businesses still struggling with the effects of the worst pandemic in our lifetime. 

An interesting fact of the budget is the average home local purpose tax is $1522 a year approximately $122.00 per month, less than your cable bill each month and that provides all municipal services.

By proper planning and foresight every year this Council has accomplished the impossible. Providing tax relief during the worst health crisis in a generation and also what has become an economic crisis the effects of which are still not clear.

 As a final note, remember June 14 is Flag Day

Thank you all for diligence and dedication to our residents and taxpayers. 

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