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Murphy honored with award for laying foundation for compliance and ethics

Internationally recognized Antitrust Compliance Awards honored Haddonfield resident and business owner, dubbed 'Godfather' of the field.

The internationally recognized Antitrust Compliance Awards promote competition law compliance and contribute to antitrust advocacy.

Concurrences 2021 inaugural edition of the Antitrust Compliance Awards selects the most innovative antitrust compliance initiatives in multiple categories, with a Special Award presented to Joe Murphy for his “Antitrust Compliance Network” initiative.

Concurrences, an independent legal publisher dedicated to antitrust law and competition economics, cultivates scholarship and discussion on antitrust issues through publications and events.

Murphy, known as the Godfather of Compliance, was instrumental in creating the field of compliance and ethics.  His career in organizational compliance and ethics spans four decades and six continents.

A pioneer of his profession and an international proponent of his field, Joe has worked for a wide spectrum of private, public, governmental, academic and non-profit entities; he is author or co-author of five books on compliance and ethics.  Joe is a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional and was a member of the board of the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE), the world’s largest all-industry compliance organization.

The Antitrust Compliance Network started as a global email network among those who believed in the importance of antitrust/competition law compliance programs, and in the need for government to promote such programs through effective policy measures. The Network pushed for government to play an active role in getting companies to enhance their compliance efforts, and to distinguish companies that did not care about compliance from those who acted in good faith, exercising diligence in competition law compliance programs.

Members act individually or in groups, sharing information and developments in this field from around the world. Drafts of members’ works in this area are circulated for comment and input.

Learn more about Concurrences Antitrust 2021 Compliance Awards: https://www.joemurphyccep.com/in-the-news/.

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