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Moorestown student pens children’s book

"Ava’s Arch: Cooking Capers and Creations" was written by Moorestown resident Ava Ventrella.

Mascot Books announces the impending release of Ava’s Arch: Cooking Capers and Creations written by Moorestown resident Ava Ventrella with illustrations by Agus Prajogo.

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Join Ava in the kitchen to make family cooking fun. She is assisted by her companions, Luca Bear and Sergeant Captain Burt. Social cues and some tasks are not easy for Luca Bear, and he relies on Ava to help navigate sticky situations. With her lead and his trusted friend, Burt, Luca Bear finds confidence and reassurance in helping out his sister in the kitchen. Family favorites, lots of tasting and a few messy situations make for enjoyable and lighthearted cooking adventures.

Ava Ventrella was nine when she started writing this cookbook. In her young life so far, she has had the opportunity to travel the world, make many friends and learn from those who have influenced her. Ava’s brother was diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome when he was young, and her family’s “normal,” she came to find, was not the same as other families. Special needs siblings present a variety of challenges and learning difficulties both for the individual and for the family. From these challenges come many stories of success and funny anecdotes. Ventrella wrote this cookbook to help families share time in the kitchen with an understanding that not everything has to be perfect, that being different is okay, and that everyone needs help sometimes.

For information regarding “Ava’s Arch: Cooking Capers and Creations” please contact Nicole Ventrella at nicoleventrella@yahoo.com. To learn more, visit www.avasarch.com and follow @avasarch on Facebook.


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