Evesham Council unanimously introduces 2021 Municipal Budget

The budget includes a no tax increase in continued support of residents and businesses facing financial impact from COVID-19.

Mayor Jaclyn Veasy and Evesham Township Council have unanimously introduced Evesham’s 2021 Municipal Budget with no new tax increases.

By keeping municipal taxes flat, the budget represents a concerted effort by council and township officials to continue supporting Evesham’s residents and businesses as they still navigate the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2021 budget totals $40.54 million ($40.47 million without grants), and despite no new municipal tax increases, the budget maintains the critical and essential services that the residents and business of Evesham Township expect and deserve.

As a result of a recent efficiency study, several township departments were recently streamlined. Not only does this allow the township to maintain the same level of front line personnel from the prior year, but Evesham will be adding two laborer positions to assist in the township’s sanitation and road operations, as well add an additional positon for park operations.

“With no new municipal tax increases, our council and our township professionals have once again produced a budget that continues to help our residents and business at a time when they need it most,” Mayor Jaclyn Veasy said. “As we all continue to deal with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic for years to come, I’m proud to say we’re not only maintaining our current level of services, but our township is able to also enhance key areas as well.”

Evesham Township is also once again taking this opportunity to remind members of the public that state law requires municipalities to collect taxes on behalf of all local taxing entries, such as school districts, fire districts, counties, etc., even though these entities set their own taxing rates.

In 2020, for every $100 Evesham Township collected from a resident, the municipality only retained $14.30 – less than 15 percent of the total tax bill paid by that resident.

The remaining $85.70 from every $100 collected from residents was distributed to other local entities.

This includes the Evesham Township School District ($40.03 from every $100), the Lenape Regional High School District ($24.78 from every $100), Burlington County ($14.30 from every $100), Evesham Fire District No. 1 ($5.58 from every $100) and the Open Space Tax ($1.01 from every $100).

For just under 15 percent of a resident’s total tax bill, Evesham Township is able to provide all municipal services for the year, including policing, trash collection, road repairs, parks/recreation services, snow removal, leaf/brush collection, operations of the construction office, planning and zoning, the Clerk’s Office, senior services, township events and more.

Township officials also continually examine all these costs in order to ensure the funds are utilized in the most efficient ways possible.

Evesham also currently maintains a net debt level of about $52 million, or .933 percent of the three-year equalization valuation of the township’s total ratable base of about $5.58 billion. That figure is well below the state’s maximum allowable debt limit of 3.5 percent of the total ratable base, leaving the township with a remaining debt capacity of $143 million.

Additionally, although the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 is expected to greatly assist Evesham’s recovery efforts, these figures have not been included in the 2021 budget as spending guidelines and restrictions have yet to be finalized and released to the township.

The second reading, public hearing and vote for adoption of the 2021 Municipal Budget will take place at council’s meeting on June 23.