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Burlington County will begin Restaurant Week next month

Restaurant Week will begin on Monday, June 21, and continue through Sunday, June 27.

State Senator Dawn Marie Addiego speaks during the announcement of this year’s Burlington County Restaurant Week.

Burlington County Restaurant Week is returning next month, and the Burlington County Board of Commissioners are teaming with New Jersey Senators Troy Singleton and Dawn Marie Addiego to make it the best one yet.

This year’s event will kick off on the first day of summer on Monday, June 21, and continue through Sunday, June 27.

During the week, participating restaurants will be highlighted by the Commissioners and senators on the County website and on social media. Several food establishments will have special offers and discounts throughout the week. Some will offer fixed price meals and discounts. Others may feature special menu items.

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The goal is to promote and support county restaurants and their employees and showcase their importance to Burlington County’s communities.

More than 10,000 people are believed to be employed in restaurants in the county and the businesses also provide a crucial draw for local downtowns and business districts.

“Our County first started Restaurant Week in 2019 because we know how important these businesses are to our local economies and our neighborhoods, but it’s taken on an even greater importance this year due to the impacts from the pandemic.” said Commissioner Director Felicia Hopson. “Bringing back Restaurant Week this summer is one way we can try to showcase these special places and their employees. By patronizing them, our residents are supporting their own neighbors, friends, and communities, so we’re excited to partner with Senator Singleton and Senator Addiego to make this year’s Restaurant Week our most successful ever.”

Several restaurants have already expressed interest in participating this year, including Braddock’s Tavern in Medford, where the Commissioners announced the details of this year’s event with both state senators and Congressman Andy Kim and Braddock’s Managing Partner and COO Bob Wagner.

“It shows you how things have changed in the last 14 months … and how much more government is looking to help us and help businesses get open,” said Wagner.

Braddock’s history dates back over 100 years, making it one of Burlington County’s oldest operating restaurants.

The Commissioners and Senators are also encouraging more to sign-up before the June 21 kickoff.

There is no fee or cost to participate. Interested restaurants can sign up by completing an online form seeking basic information and any specials or discounts they plan to offer during the week. Restaurants don’t need to have specials or deals to participate. The form is available here.

In addition to promoting great area food through social media and online advertising throughout the week, the restaurants will also receive table cards and posters highlighting the event.

Congressman Kim applauded the commissioners and senators for bringing back Restaurant Week and he pledged to also help encourage participation.

“Burlington County can’t come back from this crisis without our restaurants, and our restaurants can’t come back without us,” Kim said. “I’m thrilled to see Restaurant Week coming back in Burlington County and hope everyone takes time to visit a local restaurant to show your support. Together, we can make sure we come back and move forward stronger than ever.”

Senator Addiego said the start of summer was the perfect time for people to go out to their favorite local dining spots. Percentage-based capacity limits on indoor dining have also now been lifted across New Jersey, which means restaurants can now operate at full capacity.

“Restaurants are more than just small businesses. They are places where friends, families, and community members come together. We’ve been apart for so long, now with growing numbers of people vaccinated, it is the perfect time for us all to enjoy a relaxing night out with great food and great atmosphere, and Burlington County has plenty of places to choose from.”

Senator Singleton, who advocated for New Jersey restaurants last year during the statewide shutdown, said he hoped Restaurant Week would help encourage friends and families to spend a night out in support of their favorite local dining spots.

“We know COVID-19 has been a challenge for all of us, but it’s been especially difficult on many restaurants, which have had to navigate shutdowns and social-distancing restrictions for well over a year now. Many are still fighting for their survival, and some have made large investments to create comfortable and safe indoor and outdoor dining spaces,” Singleton said. “Partnering in Burlington County Restaurant Week is another way we can help them recover and rebound. We’re thrilled to help spread the word about all the great dining choices located right here in Burlington County.”

For a full list, of participating restaurants visit the Burlington County Restaurant Week website at www.co.burlington.nj.us/1844/Restaurant-Week-2021 and follow the Commissioners and Senators on Facebooks for posts and video featuring some of the delicious dishes and specialties local restaurants are preparing.

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