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Letter to the Editor: Sam Raus

Young borough resident makes his pitch for youth to serve Haddonfield in the upcoming election.

To the Editor,
Growing up in Haddonfield and attending our high school, I have spent years hearing borough residents take pledges to promote diversity and uplift youth voices. Nevertheless, now that our Commissioners election has a candidate who truly embodies those characteristics, our adult leadership has turned silent. Haddonfield needs Dan Zhang.
Haddonfield needs someone unafraid to propose new solutions to our long-term problem with business turnover in downtown. The recent losses of Ludovico’s and Villa Rosa — two highly popular restaurants — have left our town feeling unfamiliar from the pre-pandemic days. Dan Zhang’s platform to end our dry laws and begin selling alcohol licenses to our local restaurants is the best way to stimulate business in our town.
Haddonfield needs leadership that can tackle the uncomfortable reality of our lack of racial and socioeconomic diversity. After a summer of protests following the murder of George Floyd, with many still remembering when our town made national news for an account of racially-motivated hate speech by the HMHS lacrosse team, we need to address our diversity crisis head-on.
Dan Zhang is committed to making sure our Board of Commissioners takes legitimate action to face these issues.
Haddonfield needs a change from our continued election of lawyers and financial advisors who are so often serving their own special interests as businesspersons. And our two incumbents have made no denial to the fact they are career politicians, both serving on the county DNC and GOP board of their respective parties. Dan Zhang has run an independent, outsider campaign for the people.
Haddonfield needs someone who can work with our emergency services to maintain the safety of our town. As a former Haddonfield Fire explorer, Dan Zhang knows our first responders personally. His platform to establish a bike registry program like those of countless other communities has shown a commitment to working closely with the Haddonfield Police Department.
If it has not been made clear by now, our town needs to elect Dan Zhang on Tuesday, May 11. It is time to elect the youngest and first person of color in Haddonfield history.
Samuel Raus
Haddonfield, N.J.

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