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Mt. Laurel K-9 retires from police department

K-9 Gunner retires from the police department after serving on the force since 2015.

K-9 Gunner, one of the top police dogs in the country, will be retiring from the Mount Laurel Township Police Department K-9 Unit after serving on the force since 2015. 

Gunner, a 6-year-old German Shepard, has been raised as a police dog from the young age of 6 weeks. His handler, Cpl. Christopher O’Prandy, trained round the clock and at only 11 months old Gunner became a fully certified patrol dog with a specialty in narcotics. Gunner’s superior ability also helped the police department track missing persons. 

Cpl. Christopher O’Prandy has been credited with bringing back the police departments K-9 Unit in 2015 after the program was dormant for 12 years. Through O’Prandy’s leadership, the department was able to flourish through private community donations to help train K-9 Units. 

Gunner’s superior skills have earned national recognition. In 2019 K-9 Gunner and Cpl. O’Prandy clocked the fastest time and posted a perfect score at the annual U.S. Police Canine Association’s National Detector Dog Trials, earning top honors. Gunner is 14th in the country for scent detection ability and 17th for patrol. The distinction earned the Mount Laurel K-9 Unit national certification and a medal of police excellence. 

Gunner will be replaced on the K-9 unit by Roscoe, a Belgian Malinois who began training as a puppy to search, track, and perform tasks to become a successful patrol and narcotics police K-9. 

During the Township Council meeting that took place on Monday, April 26th, 2021 Officer O’Prandy requested that Gunner be transferred from Township ownership to his personal ownership. This resolution was adopted immediately and the Township Council of the Township of Mount Laurel hereby transfers the ownership of retiring K-9 Gunner to Officer Christopher O’Prandy effective May 1st, 2021. 

The Township of Mount Laurel and Township Council thank Gunner for his faithful service to the community.

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