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Letter to the Editor: Walter Weidenbacher

Borough resident supports an incumbent in the upcoming commissioners' election.

To the editor,

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Haddonfield voters will do well on May 11 to heed Abraham Lincoln’s 1864 campaign slogan: “Don’t swap horses midstream.” 

None but one of the eight candidates has so much as dipped a toe in that stream of misinformation and misunderstanding we call the “Bancroft issue.” Lucky for us, Jeff Kasko is staying with the good fight, and is eager to see the issue through to a successful resolution. Such steadfast resolve always attracts detractors. And, oh my goodness,have we not already seen the muckraking, and the inordinate plethora of confusion-sowing contenders? 

Realize, friends, that if Kasko is voted out of office, the borough will lose any hope of enjoying the seamless and productive transition that his unique deep experience will bring to our newly elected board of commissioners.

No matter who else our favorite candidate may be, we voters can ensure that candidate’s ultimate success as commissioner by casting also a vote for Kasko, thus ensuring the continuity of institutional memory, acumen, and insight they will need to rely on when the chips are down. 

For this election, it is incumbent on all voters — including the usual non-voters — to vote for the one incumbent who has already done so much for Haddonfield.

Thank you. 

Walter Weidenbacher 

Haddonfield, N.J.


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