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Letter to the Editor: Voters need to vote intelligently

Governor Phil Murphy is to be applauded for his many progressive and interventionist tactics in dealing with COVID-19 and other matters. Also, I like his making voting more accessible. But remember what Winston Churchill said: “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

Voting is one thing, but voting INTELLIGENTLY is quite another. May I suggest that we vote for candidates NOT because we like “the cut of their jib” or how they style their hair and also not because they feather OUR nest. We should select only those candidates who will act to serve ALL of society, and this view is consistent with our original 1776 values. 

And remember the old sayings: “gold is tried by fire” and “adversity breeds character.” It helps if political candidates have had to suffer a little in their own personal lives, because then they can better understand the suffering of others. You don’t want somebody who is “to the manor born.” 

James Camilli

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