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Letter to the Editor: Josephine Ladd

Resident Josephine Ladd is opposed to inflammatory language being used toward Mantua citizens.

I agree with Gov. Murphy that voting is a sacred right that must be protected. I also feel that same way about our Constitution which guarantees ALL of us individual rights to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yet more and more, I see words and actions which tear at the very fabric of our foundational principles. I’m not affiliated with any political party and have lived for decades, so awareness of political predisposition is easy to spot. 

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To use inflammatory language which insults the intelligence of Mantua citizens is wrong. It furthers the mischaracterization of genuine facts and only creates more negativity. ID authentication in today’s world to ensure trust & safety is done so routinely in hundreds of different ways. Let’s not pretend otherwise.


Josephine Ladd


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