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Letter to the Editor: Marianne Springer

Borough resident who made voice heard when rain caused stormwater system failure in her neighborhood, implores town to choose wisely in upcoming election.

To the Editor,

As the election for Borough Commissioners in Haddonfield approaches, I pause and hope that voters in this election consider the candidates. 

Most recently, the residents of Haddonfield had to address the consideration of a cell tower. We questioned how an application passed in the first place. It appears that a bid process was ignored. There was no form of negotiation that took place, and the first offer was approved at a rather low price in comparison to what other towns received.  

Jeff Kasko, who held the position of Mayor at the time, “attributed the misstep to a lack of clarity” among other things back in 2017. I can not understand how this would happen when I reside on a street with a condemned home from 2019. We are still waiting through the process to remediate stormwater damage! 

I applaud those residents with the legal expertise and knowledge of existing state statutes who thwarted the building of the cell tower. It appears that I, along with others, are starting to pay attention. The citizens of Haddonfield expect more from our elected officials within our community. These elected officials should be put to a higher standard as they represent each and every one of us. This is not an election to choose ribbon cutters; it is an election to choose who will work better for the constituents of Haddonfield.

It also, is NOT about working for any elected officials own agenda, but working for the issues that impact our community—stormwater remediation, affordable housing, liquified natural gas terminals, etc.  We are a robust community that needs an individual who will hear our issues and be our advocate; be a good neighbor. 

Having gone through the stormwater damage of 2019, I can personally say that I was disgusted by the lack of empathy for my neighbors and still waiting for remediation efforts.  There was a lot of bureaucratic insanity where the bid for a new town engineering firm was stalled. The only thing that I learned from it, is that we have to clean our own gutters out.  Really!? Where is Public Works!? 

Shame on us if we choose individuals who really don’t do their jobs or show any empathy for those that live in our community. It is our joint responsibility to consider 3 people who will work best for our community. 

Marianne Springer,

Concerned Haddonfield Resident

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