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Mantua Police Department honors National Autism Awareness Month

April is National Autism Awareness month.

The Mantua Police Department has started a registry for individuals with Autism or other disabilities in an effort to alert police during an emergency, and give them information about a person who is registered. The registry provides police with emergency contact information, detailed physical descriptions, known routines, favorite attractions, and the specific special needs of an individual.
Special needs listed besides Autism include: Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Down Syndrome, and any other endangered individuals. The Mantua Police department is asking that all questions be filled out completely. A current picture of the individual must be provided. If you are not able to supply a photograph, a picture can be taken for you. Information you provide is confidential and will only be used by police.
Please contact the Mantua police if any information provided changes. You can also contact patrol officer Krista Sheilds at kmsheilds@mantuatownship.com or call (856)468-1920 extension 1551 with any questions. Forms can be emailed, or taken directly to the police station.
The registry packet can be found at
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