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Deptford Council motivated to make EMS improvements

One is a device for transporting patients as they receive CPR


During its April 5 meeting, Deptford Township Council discussed with EMS Chief Andy Lovell ways that ambulance services could be improved. 

Coming up on its one-year anniversary since taking over for the township EMS, the Gloucester County EMS crew has made more than 5,400 911 calls, with an average response time of five minutes and 50 seconds. 

“During that transition, we have gotten nothing but compliments,” said Mayor Paul Medany.

To maintain low response times, crew members are parked near Cooper Street and Delsea Drive, at the Deptford Skating Center, and near Route 45. A minimum of 12 crews are on duty in 24 hours. Those steps reflect past historical call volume and the crews’ anticipation for the next emergency response.

“I feel that this has worked out well, and constantly moving around is a huge benefit in saving lives,” said Councilman Ken Barnshaw. 

Lovell also noted that a Lucas CPR device is inside 100 percent of EMS response vehicles. The device, introduced over a span of three years, allows the county EMS crew to move and transport patients as they receive CPR. Barnshaw said it received high praise when he was an active fireman.

“I heard that device is a proven commodity out there,” he added. 

Improvements were also made to the Good Intent Road Station, including a vehicle exhaust extraction system. The Delsea Drive station is also slated to make improvements, adding more vehicle storage as well as its own vehicle exhaust extraction system. 

In other news, the 2021 CAP Bank Ordinance which was introduced during the last council meeting on March 15, was adopted. Council can limit any increase in the budget up to 1 percent unless it is deemed necessary to increase it by 3.5 percent. That is subject to certain exemptions, like promoting the health and safety of Deptford residents.

Councilman Bill Lamb also stressed the importance of community service regarding waste management. 

“We have over 500 roads in this town and they are all dirty, I miss the waste management crew,” he said.

While the community service trash crew has been off duty since the start of the pandemic, the township manager and its crew have stepped in.

The Deptford Township fire election will be held on Tuesday, April 20.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 19, in person at 6 p.m.

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