Library will host Easter stay parade

Take home bags will be available for children of all ages

The Monroe Township Library is gearing up for spring with its Bunny Hop Stay Parade on April 14.

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The parade offers families two separate times to bring children to the library for Easter treats, 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Families will be able to line up 6 feet apart in the library parking lot and must wear masks. Children’s Librarian Katrina Hauserman and library volunteers will be dressed in their Easter best to hand out treats. 

“We normally do a bunny hop inside the library,” said Hauserman. “Because of the pandemic, we can’t have that many patrons … inside at one time. So we decided since the Halloween stay parade was such a big hit, we would do it again for Easter.”

“Diggerland and Texas Roadhouse are giving us coupons, because they saw the event,” Hauserman noted. “All the staff members will be wearing bunny ears and I will be going around dressed as a rabbit … It is going to be a lot of fun.”

The library asks patrons to register for the parade ahead of time in order to get an accurate count of attendees.

“We won’t be checking names, but we want to make sure we have enough stuff for everyone,” Hauserman explained. “We think if the weather is good, we might have more. We are really excited to be doing this.”

Along with the parade, the library will also offer spring take home bags that will include crafts and activities for all ages. 

“The teen bag is done by the teen librarian and has something for Passover and Easter,” said Hauserman. “I do one for children and tweens; kids 8 to 12 have their own bag and 7 and younger have their own.”

The teen bags are not only filled with activities but will also give teens a chance to earn points for a special and secret prize from Teen Librarian Kyle Casser. Each finished activity has a value as well as a book bingo game that will encourage teens to read four books of a certain genre to earn points.

Hauserman hopes the parade and the take home bags will bring more children to the library. She also wants to start pop up reading circles in the community garden behind the library. More information on those events will be available soon. 

For more information about the take home bags and the library, visit


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