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Letter to the Editor: New affordable housing projects means new infrastructure

Letter writer Roberto Paglione discusses the impact the upcoming affordable housing construction could have on taxpayers.

Why is our township council approving hundreds of new apartments for Moorestown? At its meeting on March 8, council approved another new apartment complex, with 152 apartments (including 76 low income units), at the corner of Centerton and Hartford Roads. These apartments will likely not pay property taxes to the school district while sending many new students to our schools. 

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If every project council approved is built there will soon be approximately 1,800 new apartments in Moorestown. This includes up to 1,065 apartments contemplated for the mall and at least 600 apartments spread around other parts of town. This new extensive residential development on existing farmland means that we will likely need a new fire house near Hartford Road, road improvements, new water/sewer connection to Mount Holly and other expensive infrastructure paid for by Moorestown taxpayers.

While there are “affordable housing” obligations, previous councils (with Republicans seated) minimized the number of new apartments. Under the previous council, our affordable housing obligations were satisfied even without the 1,065 units at the Mall. 

The new council agreed to the new units at the mall and still approved every other apartment building project without pushing back to minimize the number of new apartments. There are much better options for our town with far fewer apartments. If you agree that council should minimize the number of new apartments, please contact the Mayor and Council.

Roberto Paglione


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