Shawnee collecting items for BurlCo Animal Shelter

A list of needed items is available on the group's Amazon wishlist

(Photo provided by Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter)

The students and staff of the Shawnee High School MD Program are launching a drive to get needed supplies for dogs and cats up for adoption from the Burlington County Animal Shelter. The items are given to families adopting a pet to help them care for their new fur family member.

Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter volunteers created an Amazon wish list of the items they need:*entries*=0&type=wishlist&*Version*=1

If people want to use the wish list to make their purchases, they can select the delivery address:

Carolyn Walsh

32 Augusta Drive 

Marlton NJ 08053

The products will be delivered directly to this volunteer from the group, or they can be dropped off in boxes found around the building. 

Here is the list of needed items:

  • dog and cat food (dry and canned) — must be UNOPENED
  • peanut butter
  • men’s tube socks
  • cat litter (non-clumping only)
  • kitten formula and bottles
  • flat nylon leashes
  • flat nylon dog collars, size medium, large and extra large (no smalls, please)
  • dog beds
  • fabric and bedding suitable for quilting
  • black Kongs
  • plastic zipper-seal sandwich bags (sandwich and gallon)
  • liquid hand soap and hand sanitizer
  • bleach or other disinfectants
  • liquid laundry soap (regular and high efficiency)
  • dryer sheets
  • fragrant or odor-eliminating products
  • paper towels
  • towels and washcloths
  • pillow cases
  • kitchen utensils: forks and spoons that aren’t plastic
  • Karo syrup
  • single-ply blankets only; NO QUILTS or any blankets that have fiber fill or stuffing — the dogs rip out the stuffing and eat it, which makes them sick

They are also collecting new or used t-shirts and small ink cartridges.