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Letter to the Editor: Susan Podgor

Borough resident encourages more of the public to get in tune with happenings on affordable housing over the next couple weeks.

To the Editor, 

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Spring is coming and so is the May election for all three spots on the Haddonfield  Commission. Not an easy job, especially during a pandemic. We need commissioners more than ever to listen to their constituents and to be transparent about affordable  housing in this town. Pay attention folks, because drastic changes are about to happen to the heart of our beloved historic downtown. 

If you don’t link up to the monthly zoom Commissioner meetings, your opportunity to know and question what is happening to your town, is zooming on by. Here is an opportunity for readers to listen and ask questions at the March 2 meeting of the  Planning Board at 7:30. Go to www.haddonfieldnj.org, then to Planning, for a dial- in by phone, tablet or computer. 

Recent changes for affordable housing behind Borough Hall, call for 20 units in two,  three–story high buildings and 30 parking spots on less than an acre. This plan is 10 feet higher than any other residence in the area. Six of the affordable units were  shifted from Bancroft to Snowden in order to close the deal with developer Brian O’Neill. 

This unfairly shifts the burden and creates a density issue on Snowden. After conforming to strict zoning laws and historic preservation rulings ourselves, this move shows a lack of empathy for all concerned. Losing essential parking for the immediate downtown will be detrimental for local shops and restaurants. This project needs to be scaled down and other locations found ASAP. Traffic and water/sewer studies need to be implemented as well. 

Please also tune in and let your voice be heard before the zoning changes are adopted during the March 9 Commissioners meeting. It is time to look for leaders with vision on the May ballot. With three seats open, your vote can make a difference.

Susan Podgor

Haddonfield, N.J.


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