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Letter to the Editor: Walter Weidenbacher

Borough resident responds to most recent letter regarding the BLM situation at the high school and accusations of racism in town.

To the Editor,

Much as I don’t like to show my pain, letter writer Lorri Veasey makes it necessary for me to tell of the pain I’m pretty sure anyone suffers when seeing a dear someone or something enduring an unwarranted denigration or insult. 

Haddonfield is suffering a number of attacks lately, and many of my fellow townspeople, who cherish this dear town, myself included, are hurting.  And I, for one, simply cannot bear to sit idly by any longer and watch another wave of “racism” accusations wash over us.  I learned a long time ago to never let a false accusation go uncontested. 

There are problems of course in this wonderful town, most of which are dealt with as they come. But one problem that persists is the “bullying” that comes in the form of individuals and groups periodically taking it upon themselves to defame the town and its inhabitants with vacuous and never-substantiated claims of “racism.” 

A quick read of various letters published in the Sun the last two months, archived at thesunpapers.com/c/haddonfield-letters, will show the myriad of such allegations. Mere allegations, but never a case in point. Not one! 

In her recent attack, presumably born out of innocent ignorance or misguidance, Ms. Veasey announces that my “opinion piece was shocking and should outrage us all.”  Seriously? How so?  I’d say, whether caveat or claim, the possibility that our children are being indoctrinated deserves to be summarily disproven and laid to rest. Or proven, so that the problem can be properly addressed. She says that my “false claim … [is] horrific and easily disproved,” to which I say, “Then, disprove it.” 

Scolding me for saying things I simply did not say makes one wonder if Ms. Veasey has gotten anything right. What else does she not understand?

Walter Weidenbacher

Haddonfield, N.J.

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