Cherry Hill eases path to vaccination for older adults

Township sets up phone, email to ensure vulnerable population is served.

Cherry Hill Township is taking steps to ensure that senior citizens 65 years and older who may not possess the technology or the means to access online scheduling get their COVID vaccines as quickly as possible.

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Municipal officials will continue to work with the Camden County Department of Health to help reschedule senior vaccination appointments to an earlier date. Originally not included in the eligible 1A group that included those in health-care settings, seniors   have been added to that first wave of vaccinations, per Gov. Phil Murphy’s orders, as of Jan. 14.

Two main vaccination sites within county boundaries are at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford and Camden County College in Blackwood. In addition, Rite Aid pharmacies have begun vaccinations at multiple stores, but local officials aren’t purposely funneling seniors to a specific location.

“The township is not steering residents toward a particular site. However, in cooperation with the county, the township is rescheduling Cherry Hill seniors who have signed up for a vaccination appointment at the Camden County College site in Blackwood to a closer date,” said Director of Planning, Policy and Programs Chris Summerhayes.

Seniors are advised to first sign up for a vaccination appointment through the Camden County vaccination website before they can petition the township and county for a rescheduled date and time. Only previous appointments made in April or later are being accepted. 

According to the township’s website, Cherry Hill residents 65 or older who want to reschedule their appointment for an earlier date are advised to do the following: 

Those with last names starting from A to M should call the mayor’s office at (856) 488-7878. Those with names beginning with letters N to Z can call the Recreation Department at (856) 488-7868. 

Leaving a voicemail with the necessary information is also encouraged. For those who have access to a computer, information can be relayed at:  Either call or email, but not both.  

All who wish to reschedule a vaccination appointment are required to have the following information at the ready: first and last names, home address, phone number, date of birth and current vaccination appointment date. 

Once the above information is received by county health officials, a township employee will reach out with your new appointment date. Summerhayes said he was unable to provide a good estimate on turn-around time for a response, since demand currently outweighs supply. 

“Vaccination rescheduling requests received at the township are generally sent to the county at the end of the day. The township can’t guarantee a closer appointment date, but we can guarantee that in coordination with the county we will try,” he offered. 

Thus far, Summerhayes noted, rescheduled appointments have been in the 3 to 7 month range.

For all information and questions regarding COVID-19, visit:

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