Missing Cat in Williamstown

Kevin and Donna King, of Williamstown, are still searching for their tuxedo cat, Tux, who disappeared from a nearby yard in the late afternoon of Oct. 4, 2020.  He was last seen on Pin Oak Road (Forest Hills) near the intersection at Locust Lane, around 5 p.m.  

Tux is a neutered cat who has a microchip.  He is a “senior” cat who is quite thin due to age and thyroid issues, for which he was getting medication before he disappeared. He is primarily black with a white belly, white paws and a white chin. He is normally friendly, but may have grown a little skittish since being outside. He was wearing a collar with a blue pendant at the time, but may have lost it in transit as it is an escape collar.

Please check yards and sheltered areas, including basement entrances, garages, sheds, and under bushes or brush, decks, buildings, or wood piles for Tux.  Since he may be traveling at night, continued checking is appreciated as he may appear in places where he wasn’t seen previously.  Also, if you have a surveillance camera or a ring camera, please check for possible sightings.  It is also possible that he has been taken in by someone who isn’t aware that we are looking for him.  

If you see a cat that resembles Tux, or you have information concerning his whereabouts, please take a photo – if possible – and text or call Kevin at (856) 889-3245.  Kevin and Donna are offering a reward for his safe return, no questions asked.