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Letter to the Editor: Use the American flag to demonstrate unity, hope

Karen Reiner and John Scully are asking residents to decorate Moorestown with American flags.

Our flag is symbolic of the ideals and aspirations of our great nation, a nation that today feels very divided. Members of the Moorestown community are encouraging patriotic unity by asking citizens and merchants us to proudly decorate Moorestown with American flags, starting immediately. The goal is to demonstrate unified love of country and community.

A small group of us that includes a local physician and her sister (Kelley and Kristin Brill), a newly naturalized American citizen (Kate Wilson), leaders of some local non-profits (Jen Brinkman of MooreKids and Karen Reiner of MooreUnity) and a retired firefighter who is famous for running through Moorestown with the American flag to demonstrate unity and hope (John Scully) have joined together to promote this vision of patriotic unity.

We hope you’ll accept the invitation to display your flag to unify our community and honor our country, our veterans, our front-line workers, our fellow citizens and most of all, our democracy through this simple gesture of patriotism. Folks are encouraged to share pictures of their flags on social media using #CountryCommunityUnity. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it went viral across our great nation? (“Viral” is a term we don’t use lightly during a pandemic!)

Moorestown is a beautiful, peaceful place to live. We think we can make it even more so.


Karen Reiner and John Scully

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