Getting up to speed: Gloucester County launches user friendly website redesign with fresh look

Gloucester County launched a new, user-friendly website last week. (Special to The Sun)

Gloucester County’s website has a new look for the new year.

The redesign launched on Monday, Dec. 28, rolling out a more user friendly interface that county officials hope will help the public navigate its site more easily.

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“We’re looking forward to receiving data on how many residents are visiting our website and what departments and pages they’re searching for most,” Board of County Commissioners Director Robert M. Damminger said in an email to The Sun. “This will give us better optics on what our residents care about and what should be front and center on the site.”

The county website was last overhauled more than a decade ago, “so it was time for a refresh and modernization,” Damminger said. The project was done through approved vendor CivicPlus, a web design company specializing in city and county government projects.

Visitors to the new website will find many familiar features, such as recent news releases, calendar listings and tabs on county departments and services. New is a chance to customize the experience to each individual user.

“The new site will allow Gloucester County residents to sign up for online programs, register for notifications and so much more,” Damminger explained. “We are very open and excited to hear the public’s opinion and feedback on the new site. An amazing component to this site is the customizability.”

One of the front-and-center features, at the moment, is all county information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is an extensive directory of county contacts. Visitors can easily sign up for alerts and notifications, as well as access a bevvy of documents, from property records to meeting minutes. 

While many of these features were offered on the old website, they are now more easily accessed, quite literally at a website visitor’s fingertips with the click of a button.

The Board of County Commissioners is looking forward to the public’s reception of its new website, and hope to receive feedback so they can continue to tailor it to what the community wants and needs.

“Gloucester County has a lot of programs and opportunity. We are eager to start using the website to its full capacity to showcase that,” Damminger remarked.

To check out the new website and learn more, visit

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