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Editorial: Safe celebrations

We wish you a merry one – no matter your holiday

In culturally diverse South Jersey, our neighbors celebrate all sorts of happy holidays. We are Christian and Jewish, Hindu and Muslim. We wish one another a happy Hanukkah, a merry Christmas, a joyous Kwanzaa. Last month was Diwali. Last week was the Winter Solstice. 

No matter what you celebrate, here at The Sun, we wish you a merry one. And we would be remiss not to wish you a safe holiday season, too.

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This time of year is all about coming together, seeing family and friends you may not see much the rest of the year, whether due to distance or busy schedules. We make time for one another. We carry on age-old holiday traditions. 

Of course, this year things are a little different. OK, a lot different.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, you may not be able to gather with all of those you love this holiday season. There will be virtual visits, sure, but it’s not the same. It is tough to let traditions fall to the wayside, especially after a year when we have sacrificed so much already.

It’s important, however, that we stay the course. Staying apart now ensures we will be together later. A quiet 2020 holiday season will make way for a joyous 2021 holiday.

But why wait until next winter? Plan a postponed holiday gathering for the new year. Christmas in July – or maybe it will be Christmas in April. Vaccinations have started rolling out across the country, and as things become safer, we will be able to gather once again.

Just remember, this year is a chance to start new traditions, so next year, you can carry on with the old.


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