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Vote for Pinelands Garden Club’s holiday tree at Smithville Park

The tree will be on display at Smithville Park until Dec. 31.

The Pinelands Garden Club is celebrating a socially-distanced holiday season with “A Tree for Nature’s Creatures.”

The club decorated a tree for Burlington County Park System’s First Annual Holiday Tree Decorating Contest. Anyone can vote for Pinelands Garden Club’s tree or others on the Burlington County Park System’s Facebook page or visit the trees in person at Smithville Park.

“We are once again overly impressed by the creativity and talent of all of those that participated in the contest,” the park system wrote in a Facebook post. “Smithville Park has extra beauty this year, as these trees are elaborately decorated and placed on the light poles throughout the village. Visit Smithville Park and see all of the trees during the day or enjoy all of the lights in the evenings.”

The trees will be on display daily for park visitors and will light up at night for the evening village tours until Dec. 31. Special holiday themed entertainment will be coming to the park this season, to include Ice Carvers and Live Reindeer, with details to be determined.

About Pinelands Garden Club: Are you interested in learning about horticulture, plants and animals native to the Pinelands, or how to design a floral arrangement? Becoming a member of a garden club affiliated with the Garden Club of New Jersey can provide you with education, experience and life-long friendships. Our mission is to encourage an interest and active participation in horticulture, conservation, floral design, landscape design and the beautification of our town.

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