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Letter to the Editor: Jerelyn Ablonczy

To the Editor,

I second the sentiments of Chris Maynes. It’s critically important for young folks to understand what they are supporting and to direct their support so that it achieves their goals.  Many students may not know that the Black Lives Matter organization was co-founded by Patrisse Cullors, who describes herself and fellow organizers as “trained Marxists.”  

I urge students to read about the history of Marxism which is so very important to understand.  It led to the deaths of one hundred million people in the 20th century.  

The ideological foundation of the BLM organization is clear.  They admire the work of the U.S. Communist Party, Black Communist Party, Black Panther party, etc.  They want to defund the police. They believe they are being systematically targeted for demise. To teach your children that they are being targeted for demise by their fellow citizens is to invite potential violence to all kinds of situations and potential violent resistance to law enforcement, even a traffic stop.  

I know of several parents who were extremely upset by the decision to allow the students to donate to a political organization to which many people in town find themselves diametrically opposed.  Many people find it difficult to speak up because they’re automatically branded racist.  I’ll bet there are students who were not in agreement with this but were afraid to speak up.  

I would like to encourage more parents to speak up against the BLM organization, which drives violence, division, victimhood and disharmony. I would like to encourage more students to speak up also. Perhaps we should have some “forums” in town about things like this, encouraging those who disagree with groups like BLM to have a voice. 

Most of us want to support disadvantaged minorities and already do so freely with donations and volunteerism, but we do not support the Black Lives Matter organization.

I echo Maynes’ sentiments in suggesting other worthy charities that provide tangible assistance for disadvantaged minorities. How about a scholarship for a student in Camden to attend Sacred Heart School or Camden County College?  That could be done on a yearly basis and has a beneficial and immediate impact on a person’s life. 

There is so much good that can be done with organizations that provide a true “hand up” to those who need it.

Jerelyn Ablonczy

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