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Seneca celebrates Morgan Crothers and Deb Doolittle in yearly awards

Both staff members are known for going above and beyond to guide their students toward success

Seneca High School is celebrating the 2021 Teacher of the Year, Morgan Crothers, and 2021 Educational Services Professional of the Year, Deb Doolittle.

Crothers and Doolittle were nominated by colleagues, who praised each for their dedication and commitment to Seneca’s student body.

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“Morgan is one of the unsung heroes in our high school, especially for our most needy students,” explained one colleague. “She is one of the most caring, devoted, and hardworking teachers we have in our building. As a teacher, Morgan is a tireless advocate for our students and constantly goes above and beyond to help them find success. She works with some of our most challenging students, yet she never gives up and she finds a way to push them to levels of success that very few others could. As a colleague, Morgan leads by example and always pushes those around her to be their very best. She sees a challenge and she hits the ground running to find a solution. As we know, Morgan does not like the spotlight, but she surely does deserve it. She is a quiet leader in everything that she does. Academically, Morgan challenges her students who often have many challenges of their own. She gets the most out of them and leaves no one behind in any lesson, in any classroom, on any day. And if that weren’t enough, she pushes everyone around her to be better.”

Another colleague added, “Morgan holds herself and her peers accountable by setting the bar high. Our students benefit, our staff benefits, and quite frankly, our entire community benefits from her being at Seneca High School.”

Seneca High School’s 2021 Educational Services Professional of the Year, Debra (Deb) Doolittle is known throughout Seneca for her ability, as a paraprofessional, to connect with and guide the students she works with.

“The role of a paraprofessional often is overlooked and undervalued,” explained a colleague. “But the teachers that have seen Deb in the classroom can attest to her ability to de-escalate any intense situation. Deb is often given the most challenging students; however, her firm, consistent and caring personality is able to help students focus on the task at hand. She will listen to students’ frustrations, and through her nurturing and caring approach, she is able to help any student overcome those frustrations and inspire them to do and be their best.”

Doolittle is also known for embracing the class and content in the multiple classrooms she works in.

“Since Deb is in many different classrooms and varied subjects, this requires her to learn a lot about diverse content,” explained another colleague. “Deb accepts this task with enthusiasm and joy. She works with the teachers to learn the content so that she can help all students achieve their best.”

Doolittle is also known for her involvement outside the classroom, where she is a regular at Seneca activities, cheering and encouraging Seneca’s students to shine their brightest. You’ll even find her building relationships with and encouraging students as they navigate the hallways of the building.

Her caring and commitment are a constant at Seneca.

The Seneca Family is excited to honor and celebrate Crothers and Doolittle for their contributions.


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