Letter to the Editor: Haddonfield Anti-Racist Coalition

Diverse cross-section of borough residents praise Haddonfield Memorial High School junior class donation, pledge additional funds on their behalf.

Dear Editor:

The Haddonfield Anti-Racist Coalition fully commends the Haddonfield Memorial High School class of 2022 in its decision to donate funds to the Black Lives Matter Philly/Movement Alliance for their critical work. We are writing to lend our voices and support to this effort. 

The Haddonfield Anti-Racist Coalition is a large and diverse group of Haddonfield community members who are committed to work to combat racism. Our nation continues to grapple with racism and the continued prevalence of systems which support white supremacy. Being anti-racist does not mean we are not supportive of police. The police can be key partners in eradicating deep-seated systemic racism.

Valuing and commending our students for their commitment to social justice should not be inflammatory and standing against racism should not be controversial. People should not be shamed, or deceived, by lies and misrepresentations about the Black Lives Matter movement. We should be proud of our kids for standing up against injustice and violence. Indeed, we should be showing our children why their voice matters and helping them to promote change when it is so clearly needed. That is our job as parents.

The Haddonfield Anti-Racist Coalition is therefore pleased to deliver a donation exceeding $2,000 to HMHS this week, to support the junior class. Additionally, our group has made online donations, the total of which we will know after the formal fundraising period is over.  We encourage our fellow community members to join us in making a donation by Dec. 6th. This can be done via check delivered to HMHS to “Movement Alliance,” attention Rachel Gould, or through an online donation to “Movement Alliance” (note HMHS class of 2022 in the memo).

In this incredibly challenging year, we have been so moved by the students of HMHS and their efforts to promote equality and equity. We have watched and participated in the Black Lives Matter events, happening in our own town and all over this great nation, and have been moved by the courage of these students. The Haddonfield Anti-Racist Coalition is grateful for their motivation and hard work to tackle the persistent plague of racism in a manner which invites participation and demands change. 


The Haddonfield Anti-Racist Coalition

Signers: Meg Hollingworth, Lisa Eible, Christina Bozarth, Tracy Jenish, Kacie Brandenburg, Jane Martin, Kelsie Daniels, Nousheen Yousuf-Sadiq, Scott Wasserman, Jamilah Talton, Nancy Sullivan, Julie Smith, Jessica Lucas, Margo Kaplan, Ashley Nurkin, Ben Gibson, Karinne Lindner, Anthony Hollingworth, Danielle Capozzi, Larissa Willison, Sara Hastings, Monica Yant Kinney, Margaret Thompson, Rosanne Morison, Kerri Camerieri, Sidney Hargro, Stephanie Sanger, Maggy Caruso, Meredith Stadler, Erika Egan, Robin Hartman Bee, Tifanie Pierce, Angela Melzi, Chris Dyde, Angela Lutz Levine, Joshua Kaplan, Megan Griffault, Mary Brighton, Tricia McLister, Kerry Kershner-Hammond.