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LRHSD opts for virtual learning on snow days

One day virtual learning will end before noon on snow days.

This school year continues to be filled with changes as we all do our best to navigate the educational landscape during these unusual times. With every decision the district makes it puts Lenape Regional High School District students and staff first, and this change is no different.

During this school year, we say, “Let it snow!”  

The district is excited to take advantage of new flexibility, for the current school year only, afforded to us by the New Jersey Department of Education. In the event of inclement weather, which in the past would have resulted in a delayed opening, early dismissal, or closing of school entirely, this year, LRHSD schools will move to a single-session virtual school day.

In addition to our teachers and students being prepared for a virtual school day, being able to continue instruction during what previously would have been a “snow day” has many other benefits. First and foremost, LRHSD students and staff will be safe at home – not trying to navigate the roads, which can quickly become less than optimal conditions. This virtual day will also eliminate the need to add additional days of instruction at the end of June, allowing for graduation and the start of summer vacation to remain as scheduled. Finally, single-session days end at 11:55 am, which inherently provides time in the afternoon for fun activities or relaxation. 

During weather-related virtual days, schools will follow the regularly scheduled day number for that date as indicated in the A/B Hybrid Rotating Schedule. Like a scheduled remote day, students will be required to sign-in to Genesis for attendance by 8:45am. The next in-person day following the snow day(s), we continue with the A/B Hybrid Rotating Schedule (for example, snow day on Day 2A, and the following in-person day is Day 2B).

Parents, please contact your school principal with any general questions, or contact your child’s school counselor with more specific, individual inquiries. 

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