Chaired by Assemblywoman Carol Murphy, Mt. Laurel transition team gets to work

A full-scale analysis of township services is among the team's priorities

Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (D-Mt. Laurel) announced on Nov. 23 the formation of a blue-ribbon transition team to assist in the transfer of municipal government operations to the incoming Mt. Laurel Township Council majority.

Current council members Stephen Steglik and Kareem Pritchett will be joined by members-elect Karen Cohen, Nikitas Moustakas and Fozia Janjua. Democrats have control of Mt. Laurel’s council for the first time in 36 years.

The transition will be chaired by Murphy and will consist of several subject matter experts, who will be announced in coming days.

“Our operating principle is that nothing is off the table. Mt. Laurel residents deserve a full analysis of how their municipal government works, from top to bottom. We will turn over every cushion to make sure government services are being delivered transparently and efficiently. Mt. Laurel needs to be a town in which residents get value for their hard-earned tax dollars,” said Assemblywoman Carol Murphy.

She added: “I have charged the transition team with taking approaches that will bring modernization and innovation to Mt. Laurel government and pull our town into the 21st century. We will also begin the process of zero-based budgeting that we promised during the campaign — a government that justifies every dollar it spends — a municipal budget built from the bottom up.”

In addition, Murphy is directing that special attention be paid to the issues that affect Mt. Laurel residents’ quality of life, from transportation and traffic planning to flood management.

More details will follow in the coming weeks, including full transition team rollout and municipal reorganization information.

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