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Letter to the Editor: HMHS Class of 2021 supports juniors for stance on race and community

Fourteen members of the current HMHS senior class back junior class' choice of support with spirit week donations.

Dear Editor, 

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We are writing as members of the senior class of Haddonfield Memorial High School to

express our support and gratitude to the junior class for the selection of Black Lives

Matter Philly as the organization to receive funds from the junior class spirit week



Over the past few years, many of us have had a growing understanding of the history,

complexity, institutionalism and pain of race-related issues. We have grown in our

academic, intellectual and emotional learning on these matters, and stand firmly behind

the need to dismantle white supremacy and to ensure that our friends, family and

community members of color are respected, have a voice, and are represented at all

levels of our school and community.


We would like to thank the school administration and board for supporting our friends

and fellow students in their selection of an organization which challenges all of us to

think, grow and understand racial issues in a manner which benefits our greater




Members of the HMHS Class of 2021

Danny Cavanna

Mary Herdelin

Mehki Rippey

Jesse Eible Hargro

Katrina Edwards

Maya Feinstein

Phoebe Fitzmaurice-Sheehan

Sabrina Owens 

Georgia Willison

Lauren Crumley

Evie Ellis

Maddie Isner

Annie Veasey

Elias DiMatties


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