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Township arts council prepares for virtual museum tour

Unique, one-of-a-kind event will offer sneak peek at 90 pieces of art from local artists

In the age of virtual events, the Voorhees Arts Council plans to host its most exciting event yet on Nov. 18.

On that Monday, the nonprofit will host its first Virtual Art Museum Reception and Tour, according to co-Chair Marianne Leone, showcasing the work of 30 of its artists in three categories through a Zoom session.

Due to current capacity and gathering restrictions in the state, along with general health and safety concerns, Leone said the council had recently sought a new way to share its art and allow the community  to come together, even if it would most likely be virtual.

Over time, the potential of a virtual tour to mimic actually going through a museum seemed more and more possible.

“Over these past few months, I’ve seen some virtual tours of museums and it got me thinking about the potential of something that we could create so that our artists could continue to express themselves while sharing it with others,” Leone explained.

During the past several months, the council has posted exhibits on its Facebook page and website, while also completing various projects for those around the township, such as the mural at the Voorhees Town Center to honor 2020 graduates or work to honor military members through uniquely made art specific to active-duty area residents.

The new council project will showcase art as if attendees are experiencing the grand opening of a new museum, making it even more unique for them.

“While we were thinking about how to share it, we realized it could be a really cool Zoom party and event that’s exclusive to those that are viewing it and seeing it first, to those that are the family, friends and fans of the participating artists,” Leone noted. “It truly will be like a sneak peek of seeing all this art.”

The 30 artists each submitted three works of art for the tour, a total of 90 pieces. The event will include three categories: Artist’s Choice, Landscape/Seascape and Wildlife/Animals/Pets.

According to Leone, those categories were chosen because since the council’s inception, the three topics have typically been the most popular among artists at various events.

The virtual tour will showcase each individual piece of art, including its title, the name of its artist and its price. Leone will lead the tour throughout the Zoom session.

The event will offer attendees a sneak peek at art not planned for showing until possibly December, Leone said. The council is also  planning another virtual exhibit for January.

Tickets are $7 to attend the virtual Zoom tour and can be purchased at www.voorheesartscounci.org.

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