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Democrats lead in unofficial Burlington County election results

As of Friday afternoon, candidates Joseph R. Biden, Cory Booker and Andy Kim lead in their respective Burlington County races.

As of Monday morning, Burlington County unofficial election results the showed a stronger turnout for Democrat Joseph R. Biden in Burlington County with 131,202 votes cast to Republican Donald Trump’s 79,881 votes in the presidential election.

In the U.S. Senate race, Burlington County voters favored Democrat Cory Booker who earned 127,059 votes to Republican Rikin ‘Rik’ Mehta’s 79,720 votes.

For the House of Representatives 3rd District seat, Democrat Andy Kim is emerging as the clear winner garnering 127,265 votes to Republican David Richter’s 70,074 votes.

The race for the three Burlington County Freeholders saw the Democrats taking the lead with Democrat Tom Pullion nabbing 121,077 votes and Democrat Balvir Singh earning 119,508 votes. Republican John Adams earned 84,722 votes and Republican Tinamarie Nicolo received 83,799 votes.

For a full list of Burlington County election results, visit www.co.burlington.nj.us.

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