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Burlington County provides first update to unofficial election results

While the numbers have changed, the outcomes for both Evesham Township and the county remain mostly the same

Burlington County’s Election Board has released its updated numbers for the 2020 election. (Election night results are here.)

Democratic candidates Ginamarie Espinoza and Eddie Freeman remain in the lead for Evesham Township Council over Republican candidates Andrew Wilson and Jason Inglessis and It’s About Evesham candidates Ken D’Andrea and Stephen Fortino. At the time of reporting, Espinoza and Freeman have 11,176 and 10,981 votes, respectively; Wilson has 7,497, Inglessis has 7,395, D’Andrea has 2,822 and Fortino has 2,612.

Additional unofficial local election results include Christian T. Smith edging out Todd Young for Evesham Township Fire Commissioner, with the former’s 8,601 votes to the latter’s 7,279.

In the Evesham Township School District Board of Education election’s unofficial results for three available seats, challengers Marianne Cappello received 12,769 votes and Lea Ryan received 11,472 votes, while incumbent Elaine Barbagiovanni received 10,429 votes. Incumbent Janis Knoll received 10,419 votes, with the updated vote count putting Barbagiovanni narrowly ahead of her. Aneesh Kanthan ran uncontested for a 1-year unexpired term, getting 14,212 votes.

Meanwhile, Barry J. Fitzgerald, who ran an uncontested campaign for Lenape Regional High School District’s Evesham Township seat, held steady at 16,383 votes.

In other unofficial election results, the presidential race showed a strong turnout for Joseph Biden in Burlington County, with 118,052 voters choosing the Democratic candidate over Republican Donald Trump, who has received 66,337 votes.

In the U.S. Senate race, Burlington County voters also cast more ballots for Democrat Cory Booker over Republican challenger Rikin “Rik” Mehta, with 114,228 votes for Booker to Mehta’s 66,505.

For the House of Representatives’ 3nd District seat, Democratic incumbent Andy Kim is still showing a lead in the unofficial results, coming in with 113,978 votes over Republican challenger David Richter’s 58,530.

The race for the two Burlington County Board Member seats has Democrats Tom Pullion and Balvir Singh ahead with 109,020 and 107,649 votes, respectively, while Republicans John Adams and Tinamarie Nicolo and received a respective 70,844 and 70,084 votes.

For a full list of Burlington County election results, visit co.burlington.nj.us.

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