Meet the Candidates: Why should you be elected?

Leading up to the 2020 election, The Williamstown Sun is running a three-week Meet the Candidates series. In the final week, candidates running in the 2020 election for Monroe Township Council have a final opportunity to give their pitch to residents why they should be elected this November.

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Ballots can be cast either by mail, hand-delivered to the various drop boxes in Gloucester County or by a provisional ballot at your district’s polling place. All mailed ballots must be postmarked before Nov. 3 to be counted.

Joseph Broderick

I do not consider myself the normal Politician. I have spent my career working with politicians and watched how some of them operate. I have learned that the more honest you are with people, the more you will gain their respect and be able to assist them in their needs. I offer the knowledge of negotiation, having spent my career working to accomplish this as necessary in construction management. I will work with the mayor and both sides of the aisle, so to speak, to get the best government for the people because they deserve nothing else. I will concentrate on keeping the taxes low and affordable, working on improving our roadways and streets and making sure our services are up to date.  My allegiance is to the people and the people need someone they can contact and talk to. I will be available either through social media or by telephone when they need me. 

Carolann Fox

My Ward in Monroe Township is extremely diverse. I will be the voice for all the residents in my Ward. “Rubber Stamping” is not in my make-up and I will review and question, as to continue to protect the taxpayers of Monroe Township and provide them a much-needed voice. Moving Monroe Further is my focus — not just for a chosen few. 

Ronald Garbowski 

I have been a Councilman going on 13 years. Over the past four years, our Municipal Taxes have not been raised. I have over 30 years of experience in governmental operations. I know how to work the system and get the grants and additional funding to reduce our tax burden.

I’ve worked hard all these years to keep our taxes in check. We have brought in new business to add tax ratable, enforce efficient operations, energy conservation, sustainable energy and aggressive application for outside funding.

I will always promise to work for the residents of Monroe Township. I promise to hold the line on taxes whenever possible over the next four years. And I promise to continue to be an ethical, fair and open councilman as I have been in the past.

Joseph Marino 

With my time on council, I worked closely with implementing shared service partnerships with the Monroe Township Board of Education and our Municipal Utility Authority. Additionally, I was on the committee that introduced a joint solar initiative with our Township, Schools, and MUA for phase one on solar installations. This will provide an immediate costs savings to each entity to help offset property tax increases.

I would like to thank the residents of Monroe Township for putting their faith in me and supporting me in my last election and I am hoping to continue to serve you. I’ve met many new people over these last four years and I have focused on being accessible to everyone. I will always listen and I will continue to be a voice for you. 

Steve McKinney 

The year 2020 has been a difficult year for all and the start of 2021 appears to be just as uncertain.   Although we are in the middle of a health, economic and social crisis, there is promise on the horizon. The year 2021 will be the year of recovery and there will be difficult decisions that need to be made.   With compassion in our hearts, common sense and fiscal responsibility will be the center of our decision making. It is considered an honor to serve. If elected, I will serve proud, listen and act to the best of my ability as we begin our recovery together.   Please stay safe. 

James Reed 

Why run? I have lived here since 1969. I went to school here and coached basketball at both schools I went to. (St Mary’s @WHS). My parents have always been involved in politics. My friend and I always gave out campaign literature when we were younger. In our junior year, our history teacher always talked politics after class, he was my favorite teacher. Once I was employed, I couldn’t run because of the Federal Hatch Act (federal employees cannot run in bipartisan elections). But in 2016, I switched parties and in 2019 I was asked to by the Chair to run for council. Now, I am looking to serve the town I’ve lived in for over 50 years.

Edgar Ruiz 

I, Edgar Ruiz, should be elected as City Council Ward 3 because I am the better Candidate for the people of Williamstown. I do not have any tides with any of the town officials. I do not have any interest in political nor financial gain and I will be a voice for the taxpayers of this town. I will work hard for the good of the people providing safety first and a bright future. Finally, in everything I will do I will honor my God. Vote Edgar Ruiz for council. 


Chelsea Valcourt 

I am running for office because I see our community facing many challenges that have been neglected for some time. Serving others has always been an extreme passion of mine and I believe there is no better way for me to serve my community than through elected office, and giving my all to bringing about real change. I am so grateful to my community for always supporting me and I owe it to the residents of Monroe Township to make choices that benefit them rather than furthering selfish gain. I bring with me the experience of an exhausted resident hoping for change that is not happening and I am willing to fight for the people rather than against them. Fresh eyes and new ideas are the basis for great change and that is what I present to voters.


Edward Blake is also running in this years’ election, however no information was received from the candidates to be submitted for this weeks’ part of The Sun’s Meet the Candidates Series.

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