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Meet the Candidates, Week 3: Evesham Township Council

Get to know the candidates on the Evesham Township ballot.

For the final installment of our three-part Meet The Candidates series, we asked: Why should you be elected?

Ken D’Andrea (It’s About Evesham)

I am blessed, honored, and appreciative to represent and serve the residents of Evesham Township. As a lifelong resident who is raising my family here, I continue to be very passionate about this wonderful community. I view myself as an approachable, collaborative, open, and sincere individual who remains available to everyone. I have always viewed the operation, management, and planning of the township as a business where the profits go back to the residents in the form of improved, increased, or enhanced services or lower taxes. Increasing revenues, optimizing our cost structure, and providing the best customer service experience for the residents is my continuing mission. Having a broad set of experiences and successes in the business community has allowed me to adapt and integrate some of those principles in this public space.  

I would like to have the opportunity to continue on that path of success for the township and create an environment of sustainability for future generations. I will continue to bring that business sense, analytical thinking, work ethic, and integrity to decisions that I make. I will continue to listen and act with humility. While you may run for office under a given banner or supported by certain groups, when you are in office, you represent everyone and govern for all. Local government transcends political affiliation which is why “It’s About Evesham.” If I am fortunate to be re-elected, I will remain focused on keeping Evesham Township a great place to live, work, and raise a family.   

Ginamarie Espinoza (Democrat)

Evesham residents should vote for me because of my passion and experience for public service. I believe my calling in life has always been to serve the public. My husband and I have made Evesham our forever home and have an unwavering commitment to this great community. As a new mom of a beautiful baby girl I know I can be the voice for Evesham moms, families and for the community at large. 

My years of experience in government have taught me firsthand the good work that our elected leaders and their teams do for our communities every day. My entire career has prepared me for this opportunity. While many people view politics through the lens of television and social media, I have seen how government officials and their staff work tirelessly to ensure constituents have access to the resources and services they need. That is the passion and focus that I will bring to town council. 

I fully understand that serving your community is not about one person, it is about working with residents, councilmates, community leaders and other levels of government to do what is best for our community. I believe I am uniquely qualified to add value to the already incredible Evesham team led by our current Mayor and democratic council members in Evesham. If selected by Evesham residents to become their Councilwoman I would be honored to put in the effort needed to work with the existing Mayor and councilmembers to continue fighting for Evesham.

Stephen Fortino (It’s About Evesham)

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a part of Evesham Town Council. But over the years, life got in the way, so to speak, and the time was never right. Until now. Looking back, I realize, everything that kept me from running for town council is everything that has prepared me for town council.  

My experiences and involvement in Evesham are my resume. Since a young adult, I’ve served on several township boards and committees, worked with numerous non-profits, and I’ve been extremely involved in our MRC program, coaching both traditional and special needs athletes. I have 36 customer-focused-years in healthcare, and 31 years as a dad to three daughters — the most challenging and most rewarding position I’ve ever held. People know me as a “doer,” but the years have taught me in order to do something well, you must also watch and listen and learn. “Young Steve” would’ve made a very enthusiastic councilman. “Today Steve” will make a very effective (and even more enthusiastic) councilman.

Outside of Ken, the five other candidates have zero council experience. It’s up to you, the voters, to determine who has the experience and leadership to become an effective councilperson from Day 1. 

I believe I am that person. I am an independent candidate, with no one to answer to but the residents of Evesham. I have the passion, the time and life experience to be the most effective new member of council. And I’m asking for your vote.

Eddie Freeman (Democrat)

I believe I should be elected to Evesham Township Council because of my singular motivation to give back to my community, and my experience that prepares me to deliver results for Evesham Residents. Before moving to Evesham, I served my country at home and abroad, including a deployment to Afghanistan. During my time in the military, I served with a diverse group from all over the United States and the world. It was then I learned the importance of emphasizing an inclusive community, and the need for public servants to commit themselves to improving our collective futures.

After serving in the military, I could have chosen to live anywhere, but I chose Evesham. What I discovered was a great, welcoming, inclusive community. Coming from a very diverse background, I know how important it is to feel welcome and at home, and that is exactly how I feel in our town. That is why I am called to public service to give back to our community. I want to use the skills I learned in the military and my professional career to be a voice for all members of Evesham. I want to provide top notch services for all of our residents, parks and recreation for all of our families, support for our small business community, and to be a good steward of our tax dollars. I believe I have the passion and experience for those goals, and that is why I am asking Evesham residents for their support.

Jason S. Inglessis and Drew Wilson (Republican)

As fresh faces to council, we’ll have the freedom and vision to get things done and ensure your voice is heard. As parents and homeowners, we share the same values and concerns as many of you — we will fully support the Evesham Township Police, advocate for our local businesses, and encourage responsible development. We aim to be good stewards of your tax dollars, thinking outside the box to look for new efficiencies and revenue streams that will help to keep your tax bill as low as possible.

We also believe in having a diverse set of ideas at the local level to get the best results. On council, we are committed to accessibility and ensuring that we are open, available, and responsive to people here in town.

Whether it’s our experiences serving on the Evesham Township Zoning Board, operating a local small business, managing large projects for a Fortune 500 company, or coaching our local sports teams, you can trust that we will be ready to put our skills to work on day one.

We believe that our elected officials should have the ability to drive change as well as faithfully represent the people they serve — and we believe that we are the best candidates for the job. That’s why we, Drew Wilson and Jason Inglessis, hope to earn your vote for Evesham Township Council. Thank you!

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