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Meet the Candidates: Delran GOP and Dems make their pitch

Republican and Democrat candidates for Mayor and Township Council make their final pitch to voters on their plans once elected.

Leading up to the 2020 election, The Delran Sun is running a three-week Meet the Candidates series. During this third and final installment, candidates from both parties running for office make their final pitch to voters on what a future in office would look like.

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First on the docket, the Republican contingent.

Patricia Pomeranz for Mayor
Bill Kelly and Joseph Joyce for Council at Large

As we come to the end of this election season, it is important that you vote for the best
candidate regardless of party. When it comes to local elections, party shouldn’t matter, it should be what the candidate can do for your town.

Should we be elected, we will bring new and exciting changes and opportunities to the residents of Delran. We want to give the residents more voice in their government by holding monthly “coffee with council” sessions, where we can all just talk without the current five-minute rule.

Let’s help out our neighbors: whether it is to replace a battery in a smoke detector or driving someone to the store, we can become known as the “town with a heart”. Everyone says they are going to reduce taxes but so few politicians do. We will do our best to make sure your tax dollars are being spent wisely. We want to take a hard look at the sewer department and see if we can reduce those quarterly payments. I don’t believe we need a 7 million dollar surplus, in light of the new homes being built and the connection fees they will generate. We will always ask if a decision is good for all of Delran or just a certain few.

We thank the current council for the past 12 years but that is long enough. It is important that you vote for all three of us in order to create a fair and balanced council. Most importantly, JUST VOTE!

And the last word from the Democratic candidates.

Gary Catrambone for Mayor

Gary, Tyler, and Lynn have a history of showing up for Delran residents personally and
professionally. They are committed to “getting it done,” using their own unique experience,
dedication, and vision for the future to make Delran the best community for everyone.
After 47 years in Delran, and 12 on Council, Gary Catrambone has continuously shown his
dedication to this town that his family loves and calls home. After all that time, Catrambone has found one thing to be true, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Experience is important, but the best qualified people also listen to the experts and then make the most informed decision, based on all the information. It is in that spirit that Catrambone has always shown up to listen to residents, making himself available both in person and on social media to answer questions and help demystify the process of government. He is eager to build on his dedication to transparency in new ways as
mayor. In addition to live streaming meetings, he plans to hold small group sessions, so
residents may understand how decisions get made and take a more active role in their local

As Mayor, Catrambone will build on the work he’s done to make Delran a desirable place to live. Keeping taxes stable, investing in infrastructure, and making government more accessible is just the beginning. His experience and careful fiscal decision-making while on Council, makes him the perfect person to Move Delran Forward.

Tyler Burrell for Council at Large

One of the youngest Council members in the state, Tyler Burrell is a hopeless romantic when it comes to politics and public service. Born and raised in Delran and believing that service to the community is how we pay it forward, Tyler was eager to give back to the town that built him. Along with Council President Gary Catrambone, Burrell takes a modern approach to governing and transparency by advocating for live streaming meetings, a new website (which he built while on winter break from law school), and a township Facebook page. Burrell, who currently serves as Council Vice President, believes elected officials should never hide behind a desk, and in this environment where people can get information from their phone in a second; residents should have the same access to those who represent them.

In his second term, Burrell plans to continue engaging the next generation of voters as well as continuing to plan events and public engagement opportunities through the Recreation Advisory Committee and as Delran Green Team liaison.

Lynn Jeney for Council at Large

Nearly everyone who has raised a child in Delran, knows Lynn Jeney and how, during his 16
year tenure on the Board of Education (the last 6 of which as BOE President), he assisted with

improving relations between the BOE and the Town Council. Jeney also helped make Delran
Schools some of the most desirable in the area; through the building of a new science and
technology wing at DHS, dedicating The Morris Burton Performing Arts Center, as well as the school district receiving national recognition as a “Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School,” all while making hard line budget decisions and maintaining fiscal responsibility.

What some people may not know is that Jeney, a 42-year long resident of Deran, has lived in nearly every section of the township at one time in his life, as well as working for 10 years with Weichert Realtors as an agent in this area. He understands the various interests and issues of each neighbor. Additionally, having been Director of Operations Northeast for ADT, a member of the zoning board for five years, and a member of the Delran Business Association (four of which he served as treasurer), Jeney plans to bring his experience and knowledge of Delran and his commitment to fiscal responsibility to Council, represent the needs of each unique section of town, and continue to keep taxes stable.


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